Restaurant Lübecker Hanse

The Lübecker Hanse is a restaurant with a long tradition in a special ambience. Right here, I found the ideal conditions for a long-cherished idea to present traditional dishes with a new flair. This includes the sale of fair-trade products for tea and coffee, organic products for juices and and the aspiration to buy most widely regional products.

My kitchen chef guarantees a regional, fresh cuisine with influences from the classic French school. This means that all dishes are prepared in traditional craftsmanship with fresh and primarily regional and seasonal products freshly prepared in the house. This includes, for example,

  •  That we cut our steaks fresh from the meat of the Holsteiner heifer
  • All soups and sauces are classic without any use of flavor enhancers
  • We don’t use Industrial food products
  • In the case of fish and seafood, which are not coming from the region, we are relying on high quality products freshly-caught from the Atlantic.

I invite you to enjoy above-average quality at fair prices in a welcoming atmosphere.

Sincerely yours

Martin Lubei

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer further questions.

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