Menu: Modern German cuisine


Boletus Soup

7,90 €


Small Garden Salad

6,90 €

Large Garden Salad

8,90 €

Large Garden Salad

Au gratin goat ‘s cheese
pear taler spiced with honey, rosemary
and black pepper

13,90 €

To all our soups and salads, we serve our home made bread

Delicious little things and starters

Homemade bread

With two kinds of dipping sauce

6,90 €

Beetroot Carpaccio

with Balsamico-Vinaigrette, caramelized walnut and green salad

9,90 €

Vegetarian Delights


with herbalsauce and salad side dish

12,90 €


with tomato and melted Feta cheese, garnished with salad

13,90 €

Meaty pleasures


With boiled potatoes and red cabbage

18,90 €

Savory Beef Roulade in Gravy

With boiled potatoes and red cabbage

18,90 €

Grünkohl (Green Cabbage)

With smoked pork chop, pork jaw, sausage and pan roasted potatoes

19,90 €

Half-Duck in Gravy

With potato dumplings and red cabbage

Fresh from the oven every day, while stocks last.

19,90 €

Veal Schnitzel

with fried potatoes and salad bouquet

20,90 €

Barbiere-duck breast filet 

With homemade potato croquettes, brussels sprouts and orange sauce

24,90 €

Rump steak

from the Holsteiner heifer with 3 side dishes and one
Sauce of your choice

200 gr.
23,90 €

250 gr.
27,90 €

350 gr.
36,90 €

Side dishes for Rump Steak

Roast potatoes, salt potatoes, potato mash, seasonal vegetables, fried mushrooms & Onions

Choose one sauce:

Pepper cream sauce, Dijon mustard sauce,  Herb butter

From the rivers and the sea

Flounder filet

with fried potatoes and lemonbutter garnished with salad

18,90 €

Cod fillet

fried or stewed, with salt potatoes
and Dijon mustard sauce

19,90 €

Pike-perch fillet

With lentils and vegetables, boiled potatoes

21,90 €


For side dish changes we charge € 1,50,-

Sweet things

Creme Brulee

6,90 €

Lübecker Red Fruit Surprise (Vegan optional)

Homemade fruit compot with stawberries, raspberries and cherries,
with scoop of vanilla ice cream

8,90 €

Kids’ stuff


To all dishes we serve a soft drink (0,2l) and two sccoops of ice from our assortment. All children’s meals are also  hand made

Small Schnitzel

with fries

10,90 €

Fish sticks

with potato mash

10,90 €

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer further questions.

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